Best Picnic Spots Near Guwahati to Enjoy Time with Close Ones

The year end picnic, get-together parties and day trips are all we wait for after toiling hard the entire year. The festivities of the last few months of the year with Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Kali Puja, Christmas reaches a new level with these year-end picnics. The excitement of stepping into a… Continue reading Best Picnic Spots Near Guwahati to Enjoy Time with Close Ones

Maha Shivratri and Shivdol of Heritage Sivasagar

Shivdol is a group of structures on the banks of the Sivasagar tank, also known as Borpukhuri, in Sivasagar, Assam. It comprises of three different temples namely Shivdol meaning temple of Lord Shiva, Vishnudol meaning temple of Lord Vishnu and Devidol meaning temple of Goddess Durga. Lord Shiva along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma… Continue reading Maha Shivratri and Shivdol of Heritage Sivasagar

Choklong – The Ahom Wedding Rituals & Dress

Choklong is the unique marriage ceremony of the Tai – Ahom community of Assam which is performed by lighting 101 earthen lamps.

Why do you Travel?

Indian Railways - The lifeline of Indian travelers

Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta Travelling enriches us with knowledge that comes from experience. It broadens our mind as we come in contact with different cultures. Our perspective changes and we become better as human beings. And in the words of Ibn Battuta, we become… Continue reading Why do you Travel?

Ranghar – The Tai-Ahom Heritage Monument

Rang Ghar in Sivasagar

Sahityarathi Laxminath Bezbaruah had composed this beautiful song back in the days when Assam was not economically sound. But the poet firmly believed that we, the Assamese, can never be poor. Ami Asomiya, nohou dukhiya Kihor dukhiya hom? Hokolu asil, hokolu ase Nubuju nolou gham. Sankare dile bishudh dharam, Lachite baahut bol Sati Joymotir satitwa… Continue reading Ranghar – The Tai-Ahom Heritage Monument

Dibrugarh University – The True Indomitable Spirit

My alma mater Dibrugarh University

Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, the cultural icon of Assam, was a playwright, poet, songwriter, writer, and filmmaker. In his popular song, “Ture Mure alukore jatra Abyartha Abyartha  Ami palu jibonor artha abhinav Swagat swagat xateertha”  he sums up the beautiful journey of a student. This journey towards enlightenment is unfailing and would add meaning to our… Continue reading Dibrugarh University – The True Indomitable Spirit

Xaj Pani – The Drink of Assam

Xaj Pani is a rice beer made of fermented rice and a mixture of rare species. Read further to learn more about who drinks it and when and where they drink it.

Bogibeel Bridge – A Symbol of Hope for a Better Future

Bogibeel Bridge at sunset

This spring I had the pleasure of visiting my hometown Dibrugarh after 13 long months. Spring is very special to us in Assam because with the advent of spring comes Bihu, the Assamese New Year. This Bihu was more special because my 3 months young baby was visiting his paternal as well as maternal grandparents… Continue reading Bogibeel Bridge – A Symbol of Hope for a Better Future

India’s longest bridge – Dhola Sadiya bridge

In Assamese we have a very popular song sung by the exponent of folk and traditional music of Assam, Late Shri Khagen Mahanta: ” Ma ami Sadiyaloi jamei, Ma ami xotphul khamei. Bandhim ami bandhim Ma kesa patot lun. Ma sai thaka sun…” I remember listening to this song in the radio many a times… Continue reading India’s longest bridge – Dhola Sadiya bridge