Ahom King Chaolung Siukapha: The Architect of Greater Assam

Chaolung Siukapha was the founder of the Ahom Kingdom, and the first Ahom King in medieval Assam. The Tai word Chao means Lord and Lung means Great. The Great Lord Swargadeo Chaolung Siukapha was considered, by the Ahoms, to be a descendant of God Khunlung, who had come down from heaven and had ruled Mong… Continue reading Ahom King Chaolung Siukapha: The Architect of Greater Assam

10 Commonly Available Immunity booster Herbs and Plants

Immunity is the keyword at this time when the entire world is battling against Covid-19. Over the past one year the thing which we have highly realized is the need to maintain a healthy diet inorder to boost our immunity. Ayurveda or traditional medicine uses herbs and plants which have great medicinal properties, and more… Continue reading 10 Commonly Available Immunity booster Herbs and Plants

Srimanta Sankardeva : The Pioneer of Assamese Culture

Srimanta Sankara Hari Bhokotoro Jana Jen Kalpataru Tahanto binai nai nai nai Amaro Parama Guru Nam Ghosa, Sri Madhavdeva This ghosa from Sri Madhavdeva’s Naam Ghosa places Srimanta Sankardeva as the Supreme preceptor, the guru who united the people of Assam religiously and culturally. Srimanta Sankardeva was like the holy tree, Kalpataru, who gave shelter… Continue reading Srimanta Sankardeva : The Pioneer of Assamese Culture


The Seven colors standing firm besides symbolise unity and satiety. And though it inspires human heart, in itself is incomplete and forever thirsty. Such is human life, where you can inspire… But hardly can you escape this mire. You can spread smiles, But remain lonely for miles and miles.

Destination Tinsukia for Nature Lovers

Tinsukia is a district in Upper Assam which is a major commercial hub and trading center. Historically this part of the region was ruled by the powerful Chutia kingdom during the medieval period after which the Ahoms took over. Sadiya, a town situated at a distance of 66 kms from Tinsukia town has many ruins… Continue reading Destination Tinsukia for Nature Lovers

The Silver Lining

The mysterious dark night has a lot to unfold, Brighter than the stars you behold; Suspend your thoughts for the day, To submerge yourself into this deeper bay. Where dreams are not remote and virtual, But truely an experience of the soul…. So, do not delay or be sad Dive into this darkness and feel… Continue reading The Silver Lining

Summer Drinks and Food in Assam

Summer is already here and it’s that time of the year when we feel lethargic, dehydrated, dull and everything but fresh. The scorching heat drains out our energy. As such a heavy or spicy meal is something we should all avoid during summer. Our meal should be balanced and loaded with citrus which includes juices,… Continue reading Summer Drinks and Food in Assam

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga Kaziranga Bhoyaboh nohoi Nohoi abhoyaranya Iyatkoi u bhoyaboh jana Prithibir jonoaranya … … Kazirangar siro seuj poribesh Hosti byaaghrore baas Ek khorgor gorh prithibiye sai Pokhir suwodi prokash Mur Kaziranga nohoi je bonyo Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, the music maestro of Assam, feels a divine connection with nature and in this song,… Continue reading Kaziranga National Park

The Unique Blends of Assam Tea

Eti kunhi duti paat Rattanpur bagichat Lohpohia haatere Kune nu singile O kune nu singile Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Assam’s bard and music maestro Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was a poet of Nature, of the people and a revolutionary poet at the same time. His compositions reflect the true soul of Assam in all its glory. In… Continue reading The Unique Blends of Assam Tea